Model 3 Tom Leschorn Low S

$ 9,500.00

Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy a piece as rare as this. This is an early Tom Leschorn engraved Randall model 3-6" with a Low S stamp set up like a fighter with the double nickel hilt. Special spacers, ebony wood handle and a duralumin butt cap. Done in 1966 this would be some of his earliest work on Randalls. Magnificent engraving on the wood with ivory insets of a Big Horn Sheep and a Mountain Goat. Signed by Tom on the bottom of the handle. Sheath work is also done by Tom. It does not show in the photo's but believe it or not the knife has been sharpened. Not bad and does not detract but worth mentioning. Otherwise in excellent shape. I can't say enough about the rarity and importance of this piece. Not cheap and never will be.

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